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Interviews – selling yourself

  Ever wanted to know how to ace an interview? There is a long contested debate about how to best approach the interview process. Most part of this debate hangs on minute details – on small occurrences such as ‘if’ the

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What apples teach us about sales

Picture the scene. With no cash, nothing to show but sunburn, you work all hours for coin. You’re a jaded young fruit picker, called ‘Al’ (or ‘Alina’); it’s another hot Monday with the harsh sun beating down on you in the apple fields. Today you’re sticky

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Are you aiming high enough?

  Aiming high? How much are you personally worth? How much do you value your skills? The answer for many of us is not much. This applies to our working life, our career and our relationships. But why? Why do we

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Pursuit of Happiness: Sales Analysis

The iconic film, Pursuit of happiness provides a sneak peek of some core sales fundamentals. I have outlined some of the sales learnings available to us during Will Smith’s cold calling mission. Remember, just because it’s a popular film doesn’t

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Act it ’till you’ve cracked it

If you’re ever unsure of yourself, never let it show. If you don’t know something, convey complete confidence in your abilities and go away and figure it out or do some research on it until you know! Essentially, the idea

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