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6 things salespeople should NEVER do

The other day I was interviewed about what I believed were the 6 things salespeople should never do. As soon as I heard this question, the following guidelines popped into my head so I thought I’d share with you. 1)

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What apples teach us about sales

Picture the scene. With no cash, nothing to show but sunburn, you work all hours for coin. You’re a jaded young fruit picker, called ‘Al’ (or ‘Alina’); it’s another hot Monday with the harsh sun beating down on you in the apple fields. Today you’re sticky

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Sell your brand story: framing the sale to build trust

Sell your brand story

An amazing thing happens when you start to open up to people. This thing is a cornerstone of human relationships; it’s called trust. So you want to sell your brand story? Read on… Trust is the foundation upon which not

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How to sell more

Sell more huh? You you want to sell more / better / faster / bigger? What you really want is more money / better earnings / grow your business / be the best?   This site is for the person that

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