Act it ’till you’ve cracked it

If you’re ever unsure of yourself, never let it show. If you don’t know something, convey complete confidence in your abilities and go away and figure it out or do some research on it until you know!

Essentially, the idea here is to act like you’re the best, until you actually are the best.
If you act the part long enough, you will believe you are capable and you will become capable… You will have cracked it!

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Sell your brand story: framing the sale to build trust

Sell your brand story

Sell your brand story

An amazing thing happens when you start to open up to people. This thing is a cornerstone of human relationships; it’s called trust. So you want to sell your brand story? Read on…

Trust is the foundation upon which not only a sale is built, but also a friend and loyal customer. Trust is so fundamental to sales that without earning it, you will be metaphorically running against an ever-quickening treadmill. No matter how much you run, you’ll end up going backwards and heading for a fall. How do you build such an important foundation?

You could botch it together, just with impressive words, and this is a fast but flawed route. You may say, “I am qualified in this and that”, or “I have lots of happy customers” – these type of things that display your supposed credentials. OR, now this is the tough part, OR you’re going to put a bit more effort in to prevent building such a shakey foundation. A solid foundation is created when you sell your brand story.

Nespresso are the masters of this ‘sell your brand story’ concept, their website is full of brand history, brand essence, and the background of the company and its coffee products. Along with this, they currently produce a booklet with each new capsule set that sells the story of their coffee and machine options while at the same time being helpful, useful and informative. Do you wonder why they have so many brand advocates? Wonder how they converted their audience into connoisseurs of all things coffee? Yes! They simply got people involved with them and their brand story. Do you trust someone unless you know something about them? Stranger danger comes to mind right!

So how do you sell your brand story?

Spend at least 10 minutes talking about your company, products and yourself. These things are your brand. A potential customer needs to trust all 3 to a reasonable extent for them to invest their money with you. As a salesperson, or just someone trying to pitch their startup ideas to new prospects, it’s your duty to provide the effort, time and thought to get someone up-to-speed with you AND more importantly, hear your enthusiasm about it. Not only is the story important, but the selling of the story, and delivery of the story are of equal importance.

Using Chapman and Harris’s 6W framework is helpful. The key words to consider during your brand tale are who, what, when, why and which way.

Who are you, what is your background, why does it drive you to do what you do?
What do you like and what does your company offer? When has this been different? Why do you specialise in these products and why is it important to your target audience? What are you you trying to achieve and what is the history of how your product has improved over the years? What is lacking from other companies and why do you have a competitive advantage over them for this particular offering? Which ways can you deliver your services to help your prospect? In which way have you gone above and beyond your duty to help your prospect… Include days, people you spoke to, companies you reviewed, research you’ve done.

Overall, when you sell your brand story, you create a positive image in your customers mind. In marketing circles this is called positioning. By positioning yourself strongly and providing a concrete mental picture to your prospect, you empower him /her to know you, to remember you, to associate themselves with you and your business, and finally to feel secure and like you.

Sell your brand story, connect with your customer, grow your business.

ūüôā Sell well

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Garage sale tips to boost your money

top 8 garage sales tips

So you have a garage that looks like a rubbish tip, you have things to sell, and you need money? Well then let’s get your garage sales underway with these top garage sale tips!

1) Have an outcome.

You need to have a solid outcome for your garage sale, you must KNOW what you want to achieve through it. Are you looking to buy that new pair of jeans? Or are your goals more grandiose… do you want to take a big trip across the state and stay in a nice hotel? If you have the latter in mind, you’d better have lots of valuable junk in your house AND you’d better not get sentimental about selling it! Garage sale tip number 1: If you haven’t used any particular item in the last 6 months and/or don’t expect to use it regularly in the future, SELL IT!

2) Advanced planning.

Seriously guys (and gals), what good is having a garage sale if no one knows about it? That’s right!
Don’t make this rookie mistake. As any good event planner knows, you absolutely MUST start letting as many local people know about your event as early as possible. So tip 2: Advertise your garage sale AT LEAST 3 weeks before the actual date, and KEEP DOING IT until the day arrives. It’s also worth having prepared an area where things can stay dry in the event of bad weather! These are your products and you have to keep them in good condition if you’re going to make the most money out of them.

3) Product presentation.

To make money you have to invest some TLC (tender-loving care) time. Part of this time and a good tip, is to ensure your garage sale items are at the minimum DUST-FREE and clean. This alone can add another 10% value onto bigger items such as hi-fi speakers & electronics, along with wooden furniture pieces. If you can give them a quick polish then all the better! Shiny means ‘like new’ remember!

4) Have ¬†‘loss-leader’ set of items.

Now, this goes contrary to what a lot of folks do (and why so few people stop by to check out their garage), but will actually be of real use to you in your garage sale. The aim here is to ATTRACT CUSTOMERS. How is this done?
Well, hopefully you have lots of low-cost items such as mugs or plates; armed with these items, make sure you put big price labels on them and in big marker pen write ‘$1′ or ’50 cents’ on them. Place these cheap, enticing products at the very front of your display. This will get many people who walk down the street interested and they will pop over to check out anything that suits them (and here’s where you sell them the real money-making goods).

5) Community selling.

Ideally you know your neighbors. Now, if you’re the leader-type, you can walk over to your neighbors one evening and tell them about your amazing garage sale day and INVITE TO JOIN IN with their own sales. This way you can get all your neighbors advertising toward the same date for you and really increase the number of potential customers to your street and your particular lot. The only potential downside of this tip is that your neighbors may have far cooler stuff than you, and despite more customers, all your stuff will be overlooked. On the other hand, you are guaranteed your neighbors will turn up at least so the day won’t be a complete waste.

6) Promote. Promote. Promote. Like Don King!

Get on social media, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter… take photos of all your items quickly and post them out. See if anything is in high demand! Don’t restrict yourself to selling on the garage sale day itself. That’s a key garage sale tip. Ask your friends how much they would pay for what you have, get their feedback, then have a pricing strategy ready for the day.

7) On the day – SELLING THE PRICE.

Here’s a biggie. THE MOST IMPORTANT of garage sale tips out there. And a subject I have dedicated an entire book to called Tipping The Sales. This book covers everything you need to know about the practicalities of selling in everyday situations and more. If have have a few dollars / pounds / yen / euros then go check it out as you should easily make back the money in seconds using it. A few pointers though…
a) In negotiations, you can start high and go low, but you can’t go high if you start low. If you want to sell for $6, you’d better start at ¬£12… or if you’re in China, start at $18!
b) If you give someone enough reasons to buy, they will want to buy. Ask the person what they like and why, find out how much they have to spend if they find something really amazing… then meet their needs with suitable items you have.
c) People interested in buying only back out if you say NO to something (e.g. the price is $15… they ask if they can pay $5… you say NO, they walk away. OR you could say YES and get $10. OR you could say it’s a little less than you could bare to part with it for, but you’ll throw in a mug free (a $1 item) to soften the blow and give them more value.
d) Enthusiasm sells. The more the customer buys into you, the more the customer will be willing to give you his hard-earned cash. So tell him your story and he will return such a noble gesture with his business.

8) Timing.

Garage sale tips are useless unless your event is at a suitable time. Look at other garage sales and think about when your target audience will be available to attend – this will normally be a weekend afternoon.

Ok, so there you have it, some core ideas for your garage sale.
I’m sure there are many more garage sale tips out there, but honestly, these are the ones that matter most.

So get started with the planning and try to incorporate all these garage sale tips to make your sale the most profitable yet!
Let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear, and if you have any questions feel free to comment ūüôā

– until next time.


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Sales Pitch preparation – attitude

sales pitch preparation attitude

Sales pitch, sales presentation, or just plain ‘sales’…
Whatever you wish to call it, a sales pitch will only ever be as strong as the foundation upon which it sits.

So what is the key position to lean upon when preparing a successful sales pitch?

Well the most important of all is ATTITUDE.

Attitude is affected by the way you think, the way you feel and ultimately the way you interact with your client.
Having the right attitude and state of mind in the moments before your pitch will make all the difference to the end result.
The game is won or lost here, have no doubts.

Your sales pitch attitude should be that of a loyal friend who is eagerly awaiting to show his friend a new offering that will genuinely benefit them.
You should believe in what you are offering, and believe that your friend cannot miss out on this opportunity to improve their lives.
All you want to do is HELP your friend, and you will do whatever it takes to educate, persuade, and assist them to make the decision you feel is right for them.

Attitude can be felt through the phone lines. There is a huge difference between a person who picks up the phone and says “Hello, …. ” in a monotone voice, looking at the desk or with their head in their hands, compared with an enthusiastic individual saying, “Hello!” in a surprised and happy way, as if they have been waiting excitedly for your call and are very pleased to finally get the opportunity to hear from you – their old friend.

How can you improve your attitude before you begin your sales pitch? Easy.

Stand up, and get your body moving.

Research shows that physical movement and/or exercise will help you to relax your nerves and also elicit positive mental states.

Check out this TED talk demonstrating just this idea: (or click here for the direct video

So GET UP, out of your chair and bang your chest like a chimp, or do what tennis players do and clench their fist tight and say “Let’s do this!” or whatever attitude you need to work on.

For some this attitude will be to be ‘less salesy’ and more ‘helpful and caring’ to their prospective clients (people whom you hope to turn into buying customers)… in which case throw your arms up in the VICTORY POSE and say, “I’m going to help and look after this person as much as I can!”


Whatever you need to do to get your blood flowing through your veins, your heart pounding and your energy rising.

There is another reason as to why this benefits you. It’s called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a subject that I will refer to often ¬†– ¬†it’s the key to changing your behaviour – and throughout my ebook, you will learn ways of using this to improve your sales dramatically but without all the complex jargon.

So to summarise: ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – move your body in a powerful way, raise your energy, and get into the right state to make the sale by being your own motivational coach!

Sell well ūüôā



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Sales blog – your portal to sales success

Sales Blog here

Sales Blog

Hello and welcome reader! It is my greatest pleasure  to cordially invite you to my sales blog and Рthe site where you learn to earn and transform your sales skills into something incredible!

If you like the information on this site, please bookmark for your sales reference (this is usually “control + D” on windows , or “command + D” on the Mac).

Within this sales blog, you will receive regular updates from the world of sales Рbut only those updates that will improve you and you skills as a salesperson.

Where previously you may have faltered, fear not, for you shall succeed.. ¬†Success is just a stretch away, and you know what? You’re the type of person who by reading this, will stretch out and earn what’s yours.

How do I know this… how can you do this? It’s simple…

Every sales whim you may have, from now and into the future will be fulfilled… I don’t want you to think you can be the best – better than all your colleagues – no…

I want you to know.

If you let me be your guide on this journey through the excitement of sales, you will not regret it.

This sales blog¬†will be¬†the only¬†sales blog resource you need – ever ….so do remember to bookmark it!¬†“the Sales Blog” at (Let me know if you want a particular subject covered in ‘comments’ and I’ll happily oblige.)


My story begins here…

I used to be truly¬†aweful¬†at sales, and it’s not nice. Sometimes I would trudge back into my flat at the end of the day. I’d feel dejected. My mind would think back to the events of my day – the let downs, the sweat and torment of rejections, the effort that translated into not just missed reward, but reprimand – and I would ask, “Why?”

Why did this have to happen to me? I wasn’t robbing anyone, I wasn’t a bad person… I paid my bills, I worked hard – so why?

But I stuck at it. I started to take on a responsibility – one to change my life – and turn things around – I knew I was better than how I was performing, so I made it happen; and you know what? You and I are not that different. I had my time – now it’s your time, time for you to make your sales dreams not only possible, but an invigorating reality.

I learned. I asked… and learned some more. Not only that; I read. Pushed. Tried and tested. And what did I achieve? I became the top seller in the country in my field; beforehand I languished in the bottom 10%. And I did it using the sales tips and tricks that I divulge in this blog.

There is a lot of information out there on sales, true. And by all means go check it out – however the difference here is that I will straight out state: “I will not include anything that doesn’t definitely work from experience”, and if I’m not sure of the effectiveness of new techniques, I will give an honest critique and test it out for myself.


Take-away point…

I used my greatest skill of all – an ability to analyse situations, and through this, an amazing thing happened. Everything changed…¬†and you know what? It can for you too.

This sales blog brings you the tools you need, without all the jargon. My sales blog idea is simple:

Practical, simple, immediately applicable sales techniques, tools and concept analysis – THAT WORKS.

You will get blocks of information from the fields of sales, marketing, psychology, presentation, speeches, Neuro Linguistic Programming and more…

So what are we waiting for… time to get your skates on!

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How to sell more

How to sell more.

Sell more huh? You you want to sell more / better / faster / bigger?

What you really want is more money / better earnings / grow your business / be the best?


This site is for the person that wishes that they could INVEST IN THEMSELVES and make more money via SKILL.

Is this you? If so, read on:


Our aim is to help people like you, salespeople, small business owners, those who sell their own products or wish they could! We want you to improve your earnings РDRAMATICALLY Рthrough professional but practical marketing tips that have shown themselves to truly work well.

You learn how to sell more of anything – bricks to computers; you learn how to sell in different situations – from garage sales tips to corporate business to business (B2B).

All of these methods are tried and tested to work in the REAL WORLD.  With Tipping the Sales, you will get specifically SALES and MARKETING experience / knowledge / and tuition Рall of which comes from years of selling in high-pressure environments to tight targets.

We know, we have been there.

You will learn how to sell more things both online and offline; how to speak to prospects so that they become customers; how to speak to customers so they become your brand advocates.

If you’d like to learn¬†some top¬†sales¬†booster tips¬†for free, subscribe and¬†get your paws on¬†our free 3-day email SALES course. It’s packed full of essential info and takes just¬†a couple of minutes to devour!

If you would like an in-depth takeaway to read at your leisure, then check out the TIPPING THE SALES   eBook Рit takes you through the EXACT process to make your current sales SKYROCKET in just a month!


By staying with us, you’ll sell more effectively, efficiently, and earn SEVEN times the amount of commission* you currently do now.
… BUT… you have to put in the work each day.

To help, grab some beautiful clean wallpaper to keep you on track with your growth wherever you are – train, house, work or play: Get my free wallpaper.

Remember to SHARE any post you love and talk to us via comments!

by Nick

(*the 7x figure was achieved by the author himself – your results may vary depending on your capability to follow, learn, and apply TTS instructions / tips / lessons. TTS will NEVER make a claim on results that is not 100% factual.)

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