Sales eBook

Sales eBook – Tipping the Sales!

Sales eBook targeted to new, and intermediate sales people, or those looking to improve their sales output by incorporating missing techniques PROVEN to work.
The author includes key tips from body language, NLP and psychology, to presentations and more in an eye-opening journey through the sales process.

Quite simply put, this book will improve your sales using PROVEN techniques but without the confusing jargon.

Have you ever wanted to avoid all the waffle and over-the-top wordage of some sales books?

Perhaps you wish to get straight to the point and KNOW the key tips that will improve your sales?

… Look no further!

In this extraordinary book, you will be taken – logically – through the sales process with simple, easily applicable tips and techniques.

The author’s conversational style really pushes home the key points a salesperson should look for before, during and even after the pitch.

Vividly written examples are provided, so you can SEE exactly what to do at each stage; there are even a number of exercises to ingrain the new techniques into readers.

If there is one book on sales that will take the novice and turn around their fortunes, it is this one.
Tipping The Sales – in your favour!