Sales – Why does the customer care?

Sales why does the customer care

When customers come to you, they want to know what’s in it for them. Plain. Simple.

When selling anything to customers, the first sales thought that should jump into your mind screaming is not about how to make money with what you’re doing, no, it’s to answer the question, “Why does the customer care?” By answering this question, you present the customer with an image to cling to. This image that you give them is a positive solution to their problems. The image is the end goal, the way out, the drive and the magnet that attracts them. The image answers the question they have, “why do I want this” .

To answer why the customer cares, you have to have done 2 things:

  1. Know who your customer is
  2. Know how what you sell can help your customers with a problem they experience, or improve their lives.

To know who your customer is, you need to think like them, you need to be just like them. You need to embody them and think about their day, their concerns, how they travel, who they live with, whether they are refined and after the best things in life, or if they will accept a lower quality item in exchange for a discount.

Second, you decide what products or services match your target customers – those customers you want to be purchasing from you and/or historically have purchased from you in the past – be it young mums, or high-flying single entrepreneurs.  For the former, a lower priced item of reasonable quality and baby-safe would likely be more suitable. For the latter, an expensive, tailor-made product that saves time and looks unique, reinforcing their high-end personal brand, would likely be more appropriate.

Now, once you decide what products match your customers. Speak to them.

Why does the young mum care about your moisturising cream product for instance? Well, perhaps it’s hypo-allergenic – so it’s safe for the home, and can even be used on babies. Perhaps it’s small – maybe it could even be carried in their purse – so it’s easy for them to throw in their bag and take with them to the nursery or to the local coffee shop along with all the toys? You get the idea.

What is necessary is to make the benefit, to your particular target customer, very clear.

When the customer sees your benefit, the imagery of this product pops into their head, they think “AHA!” and see their problem being solved. This imagery delights them, they see the positive in it and are DRIVEN to make a purchase. You are communicating the WHY to your customer and YOU are answering the only question in sales that matters – “Why does the customer care?”



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