Sales Pitch preparation – attitude

sales pitch preparation attitude

Sales pitch, sales presentation, or just plain ‘sales’…
Whatever you wish to call it, a sales pitch will only ever be as strong as the foundation upon which it sits.

So what is the key position to lean upon when preparing a successful sales pitch?

Well the most important of all is ATTITUDE.

Attitude is affected by the way you think, the way you feel and ultimately the way you interact with your client.
Having the right attitude and state of mind in the moments before your pitch will make all the difference to the end result.
The game is won or lost here, have no doubts.

Your sales pitch attitude should be that of a loyal friend who is eagerly awaiting to show his friend a new offering that will genuinely benefit them.
You should believe in what you are offering, and believe that your friend cannot miss out on this opportunity to improve their lives.
All you want to do is HELP your friend, and you will do whatever it takes to educate, persuade, and assist them to make the decision you feel is right for them.

Attitude can be felt through the phone lines. There is a huge difference between a person who picks up the phone and says “Hello, …. ” in a monotone voice, looking at the desk or with their head in their hands, compared with an enthusiastic individual saying, “Hello!” in a surprised and happy way, as if they have been waiting excitedly for your call and are very pleased to finally get the opportunity to hear from you – their old friend.

How can you improve your attitude before you begin your sales pitch? Easy.

Stand up, and get your body moving.

Research shows that physical movement and/or exercise will help you to relax your nerves and also elicit positive mental states.

Check out this TED talk demonstrating just this idea: (or click here for the direct video

So GET UP, out of your chair and bang your chest like a chimp, or do what tennis players do and clench their fist tight and say “Let’s do this!” or whatever attitude you need to work on.

For some this attitude will be to be ‘less salesy’ and more ‘helpful and caring’ to their prospective clients (people whom you hope to turn into buying customers)… in which case throw your arms up in the VICTORY POSE and say, “I’m going to help and look after this person as much as I can!”


Whatever you need to do to get your blood flowing through your veins, your heart pounding and your energy rising.

There is another reason as to why this benefits you. It’s called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a subject that I will refer to often  –  it’s the key to changing your behaviour – and throughout my ebook, you will learn ways of using this to improve your sales dramatically but without all the complex jargon.

So to summarise: ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – move your body in a powerful way, raise your energy, and get into the right state to make the sale by being your own motivational coach!

Sell well 🙂



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