How to sell a product

How McDonalds make you buy using this little trick

Recently, while wandering through a shopping mall in Salvador, Brazil, I came across a hamburger meal offer by McDonalds. Wow! I thought to myself, “now that’s a burger.” It got me thinking about how to sell a product.

In big bright colours, and the size of a bulging city skyscraper, and dripping with perfectly proportioned plump goodness was this ideal and totally unhealthy burger of burgers. The name? MEGAMAC.

WHATS GREETED ME WAS NOT THIS BURGER… but it did taste fantastically good – so no complaint here.

How to sell a product

So what happened? McDonalds pride themselves on speed of delivery and consistent quality in each of their restaurants. Yet, when delivering the ‘real deal’, reality is usually a stern smack to the customers face.

I knew already that the burger would never live up to the picture. In fact, marketing teaches us the first lesson on how to sell a product.

How to sell a product Lesson 1: Show your best side

You heard it right; simply by highlighting the best possible version of your product. you will get more buyers. By creating an image that is so clear and vivid that your customer literally salivates thinking about it – THAT is how to win them over. I can go on about the intricacies but that’s the subject of another post!

How to sell a product Lesson 2: Create an emotional response from your customers

Remember the salivation? Yep. OK well that’s not normal if you’re talking to me about maths, but if i’m hungry, you’d better bet that that’s the response McDonalds aimed for with their picture. How to sell a product? Get the customer to feel something.

How to sell a product Lesson 3: Have simple benefits

Ok the burger was a ‘big mac’. Now add 1 real (Brazilian currency) and you get an extra bit of meat (sorry vegans!). Now add that same 1 real after 6pm and you get 2 extra slabs of processed meat. UNBEATABLE. So you get to choose what burger you desire, and McDonalds can shift more Big Macs with no losses, faster turnover of stock, and delighted customers. Its a big win for everyone.

Any further lessons here would dilute this post, so that’s it for this one – more details are in the ebook.
How to sell a product? Push the positives, make your customers feel, and have clear benefits.

🙂 Sell well!

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