CIM marketing management tools

CIM marketing management tools here – these tools can be used for the CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) exams and for your business!

I thought I’d give something back to my fellow marketer to make life easier, to this end I have provided a brilliant, clear (hopefully!), series of marketing management tool videos.

As a professionally qualified Marketing Manager, awarded by the CIMChartered Institute of Marketing, I found, during my studies, that there was a distinct lack of accessible information covering the most useful CIM marketing tools. Nowhere was there a list of tools for marketing management that a small business or entrepreneur could use to grow their business! How frustrating.

During the years I was learning the trade, I found a whole host of really poor quality videos mainly centred around regurgitated internet marketing content, and nowhere was there a nice set of videos, ones that were well explained, that presented tools that I could apply in my projects and to my own businesses in real life. So I made them now that I have solid first-hand experience in these matters. I really hope you find them a useful resource.

In this marketing management tool video series, I give an overview of when to use these tools and how they can dramatically improve your business results and Return on Investment, and start seeing the sales revenue skyrocket!

As I do new videos I’ll add them here so bookmark and check back often!

Content to come shortly…