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Act it ’till you’ve cracked it

If you’re ever unsure of yourself, never let it show. If you don’t know something, convey complete confidence in your abilities and go away and figure it out or do some research on it until you know! Essentially, the idea

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Sell your brand story: framing the sale to build trust

Sell your brand story

An amazing thing happens when you start to open up to people. This thing is a cornerstone of human relationships; it’s called trust. So you want to sell your brand story? Read on… Trust is the foundation upon which not

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Garage sale tips to boost your money

So you have a garage that looks like a rubbish tip, you have things to sell, and you need money? Well then let’s get your garage sales underway with these top garage sale tips! 1) Have an outcome. You need

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Sales Pitch preparation – attitude

Sales pitch, sales presentation, or just plain ‘sales’… Whatever you wish to call it, a sales pitch will only ever be as strong as the foundation upon which it sits. So what is the key position to lean upon when

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Sales blog – your portal to sales success

Sales Blog Hello and welcome reader! It is my greatest pleasure ┬áto cordially invite you to my sales blog and – the site where you learn to earn and transform your sales skills into something incredible! If you like

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