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Sales – Why does the customer care?

When customers come to you, they want to know what’s in it for them. Plain. Simple. When selling anything to customers, the first sales thought that should jump into your mind screaming is not about how to make money with

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What apples teach us about sales

Picture the scene. With no cash, nothing to show but sunburn, you work all hours for coin. You’re a jaded young fruit picker, called ‘Al’ (or ‘Alina’); it’s another hot Monday with the harsh sun beating down on you in the apple fields. Today you’re sticky

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Ultimate sales tip guide for making more money

  Following is an ultimate list of the top 16 sales tips and techniques. Use one, or use them all; each is proven to work. Sales tip 1: Focus on the outcome Before ever starting to sell you must know where you’re

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How to sell a product

How McDonalds make you buy using this little trick Recently, while wandering through a shopping mall in Salvador, Brazil, I came across a hamburger meal offer by McDonalds. Wow! I thought to myself, “now that’s a burger.” It got me

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